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The professional translators of our company have a good command of foreign language and the background of nature science or business and have been their trade for many years. We are able to complete kinds of projects consigned by our clients, with cooperating closely with professional technicians. The hundreds of professional we selected through Internet occupy different background of positions, specific knowledge and language, which are advantages and strong supporters of us. Therefore we can find a  suitable person for each client to translate materials of different types and fields on time.

Types of document, industries and language included:

Types of document

Commercial files: business letter, plans, tender, letter of intend, letter of credit, commercial report, annual business report, briefing, marketing\ training material.
Technical documents: technical specification, user's manual, operation manual, scientific paper
Legal texts: statute, treaty, agreement, constitution, judgment, mark report and official paper. 
Others: private letter, foreign typewriting, foreign card making, etc.  

Industries involved:

communications, network, semiconductor, electronics, electrics, automobile, water conservancy, construction, energy, computer, IT, law, geology, environment protection, emigration, finance and economics, account, audit, machinery, politics, trade, medicine, biology, agriculture, costume and sports, etc. 

Classification of language covered:

English, Japanese, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Laotian, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Indian, Thai, Dutch, Turkish, Greek, Albanian, Burmese, Czech, Hungarian,  Bulgarian, and Polish, etc.



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