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   Through Internet, our branch companies and cooperation with other translation companies, organizations and universities, we have selected thousands of excellent interpreters based on the qualification of degree of education, experience and marks of professional interpretation exams. And we have established a special data base of interpreters classified by language, industry, and living city. We have the most translators, and the most advanced IT technique. 

   To guarantee the quality, company will choose the best interpreter to meet requirements of clients, according to different situations, and education degree, major, background, experience and recent achievement of interpreters themselves. And we will record their recent achievements twice a month.   

   At present, we offer simultaneous interpretation, or accompanying interpretation mainly in big cities, such as Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.
  A.  For commercial interview or reception foreign guests 
  B.  For large size conference or foreign affairs 
  C.  For commercial negotiation
  D.  For press conference, introduction of products
  E.  For tourism.


Dealer: Miss tan, Miss Wu
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