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        1LISA Tech attach importance to  high quality, and try our best to guarantee it.  If the poor quality of our translation bring any losing to clients, we will undertake whole law responsibilities.  

All translation mission should be undertaken by experienced translators. Even someone  are experts of language or in one industry, maybe he is not experts in language,so they have to be trained before doing this job.

   3 As to large orders or urgent ones, we will establish translation teams to analyze requirements, and make sure the technical items, styles and format be consistent.

   4We will keep all materials in secret for our clients. If there is any losing   made by our mistakes, we will undertake all responsibilities.

   5 All translations should be corrected strictly by experts of language and technique. All process from finishing the first draft, to correction and finalization should be coordinated, and we try to make any translation accurate, even some subtle words

   6 We pursue high quality for our whole life, and we try to offer the best service and reliable translations to our clients.

Contact:Miss Tan,Miss Wu
Telephone: (86)0755

Fax: (86)07558346049983460102
Email: thh80@163.com


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