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Website localization

1、What is website localization?
  Localization resolves problems of language obstacles met when popularize website or software to foreign countries. Website localization is to converse original language to the language of target regions, making people there can read the content without obstruction. 

2、Fee for website localization


( exclude translation, refer to Quotation>>>)

WEB Page


Other Moving Pictures

Static Pictures 


200RMB/second 90RMB/Piece 50RMB/Piece

3、Why localization?
  Can potential clients find your website in his search engine? Can they understand products introductions on your website? If not, will these make you lose chances to establish business relationship with  foreign clients? To attract more clients overseas and to expand your marketing, the
obstruction of language must be annihilated.
Website localization will bring benefits to your enterprise, as follows:
① Enlarge potential clients and sell channel.
② Enhance reputation of your company
③ Enhance competitiveness .

4、What are our advantages?
① Excellent professional translators experienced in kinds of industries.
② Website builders familiar with HTML, XML, SGML, JAVA, JavaScript, ASP, PHP and JSP.
③ Experts in internet salesmanship  who will make suggestions about sale promotion to your company.
④ Scientific quality managing system. 
⑤ Reasonable and competitive price. 

5、How about the process?
   Localization process: analyzing web page----planning---making list of technical items---translating---making pictures, buttons and images---testing---checkup by clients---modifying---presenting localized website---managing and updating.
     In order to guarantee the quality, we will establish a special team according to different projects, members of which are experienced professional. Meanwhile, we will test  the performance of website, including keeping technique items consistent, testing and adjusting software, checking manuals and function, trying to keep language and function in line with the local conventions.


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